3M™ Scotch-Blue™ Multi-purpose Blue Masking Tape

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3M™ Scotch-Blue™ Multi-purpose Masking Tape 2090

3M™ invented masking tape in 1925, it was the product that propelled the company from sandpaper manufacturers to a diversified global corporation. To this day 3M™ masking tapes are widely regarded as the best quality available.

Blue masking tape is a wonderful aid to laying out joinery, by cutting away the areas to be removed with a marking knife you can clearly see what is waste and what isn't.

It is also exceptional for the more traditional task of masking up, not cheap in relative terms but still affordable and when the work is important and you need an absolutely crisp edge, it's reassuring to have the king of masking tapes on hand.

The crepe backing provides a superior smooth and secure adhesion, even on curves which can be removed cleanly with no surface damage within 14 days.

24mm x 54.8m

Scotch-Blue™ is a trademark of 3M company.