Kunz No. 62 Toothed Plane Iron - Schtickle End of Line

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End of line - Kunz No. 62 toothed plane iron. Usually £42.50

A toothed iron wastes material rapidly with no danger of tearout, they are particularly useful on exotics, burrs and very hard timbers that baulk at a heavily set jack plane. 

Its low bedding angle and excellent clearance for the voluminous shavings.

Sharpening toothed plane blades is easy - just a single flat bevel and then wipe the toothed side on your workshop leather to remove any burr on the back. Ideally they should be used with the mouth of the plane set wide.

Toothed or ‘toothing irons’ are also used for preparing the groundwork for veneers. One of the benefits of V shaped teeth (as opposed to square ones) is that they can also do this fine texturing work simply by setting the plane for a finer cut.

These high quality German made toothed plane blades are made from CrV steel and hardened to RC61.