Framing Chisels

Framing chisels are heavy-duty, robust hand tools designed for carpentry and timber framing tasks. With thick, sturdy blades and durable handles, these chisels excel in removing large amounts of wood in a single strike, making them ideal for shaping and notching timber beams and large wood pieces. The chisels are specifically crafted to withstand the demands of heavy-duty framing work, providing carpenters and builders with the strength and precision needed for creating strong and stable wooden structures.

We stock Arno Framing chisels. Arno, forged in Thiers, France, they are totally solid framing chisels. The forged carbon steel blades take a great edge and hold it well - a quick touch up each morning before work should be all that is needed. The chisel backs are in line with the handle, so if necessary you can strip away some of the rubber grip to make deeper paring cuts.

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