Scissors & Snips

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A good quality pair of handmade scissors are a wonderful investment, beautifully balanced, properly sharpened and set, they cut with effortless precision.

Our handmade scissors are produced by small workshops in Sheffield and Japan, each pair are expertly hand ground, heat treated, polished and sharpened before being carefully put together by highly skilled and experienced craftsmen.

We carry the full range of Ernest Wright scissors from Sheffield and a handpicked selection from some of the finest makers in Japan.

A good pair of scissors has a distinctive gap between the blades when closed. That’s because proper scissor blades are curved to create a “bite” point wherever the two blades meet. In contrast, inferior flat machined scissors simply wrap around whatever is being cut.

Hold your scissors in one hand and point the blades towards the ceiling. With your other hand, pull the handle upon which the finger ring (dependant upon left or right scissor) to separate the blades at a 90 degree angle and release. See which position your blades naturally fall back to. If they close completely, they’re too lose and if the gap between blades is greater than one inch, they’re too tight.

- tips should touch when closed.
- Creates bite point when closing.

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