Workshop Heaven Hand Stitched Rasps

Each Workshop Heaven hand stitched rasp begins life as a forged and annealed blank of high carbon tool steel. The rasp blanks are carefully ground and ‘fined’ to a smooth surface before being strapped to a soft anvil to have their teeth individually raised or ‘stitched’ one by one with a special punch and a curved filemakers hammer.

The handles are turned from English walnut with brass ferrules to a 200 year old Holtzappfel pattern, individually fitted and set by hand for a comfortable, elegant and secure grip.

If you are an absolute beginner with rasps we suggest starting with the 150mm halfround No.5 and a small project like a new handle for a plane or saw, more confident sculptors may prefer to begin with the set of six or select individual tools from the range.

Suitable for use on dry wood or soft carveable stone, our rasps are absolutely faithful to the traditional forms. No other tool gives such an immersive connection with your materials and the creative process.

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