Carving Knives

There can be no finer way to spend a sunny afternoon than sitting under a tree carving a spoon, bowl, Kuska or spatula from a piece of green wood. Completely engrossed in what you are doing and yet fully immersed in nature at the same time.

Ray Iles spooncarving and whittling knives are hand forged from Sheffield O1 carbon steel. Hand forging compacts and refines the grain of the steel so that it will take a smooth, mouthwateringly sharp, long lasting edge. The blades are a little thicker than cheap knives stamped out of sheet metal and the back of the blade is rounded so you can use it to apply pressure directly over the edge if necessary.

Rather than being symmetrical, the handles are more slender and oblong towards the blade end, it doesn't sound like much but when you've been spoon carving with them for an hour you really notice the difference.

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