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Note:  We do not accept customer visits - we are an online retailer and don't have a showroom/shop/browsing facility.

If you wish to "Click and Collect" your order - please get in touch with us to arrange it.

Business visitors by appointment only.

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About Workshop Heaven

Workshop Heaven is an independent family-run business with the primary objective of long-term customer satisfaction. We have been serving woodworkers around the world from our workshop in Oxfordshire, England since 2005.

Good tools are a lifetime investment.  Whilst we try to offer great value at the point of purchase, our overriding concern is that years down the line, long after the price is forgotten, you still feel that you made a great choice and are happy to recommend us to others. Ask any retiring craftsman for a single pearl of wisdom and you will almost invariably hear, "buy the best tools you can afford".

When your turn comes to give that advice, we would like you to be thinking about the tools you purchased from us.


How do we choose products for Workshop Heaven?

Often, we are asked how we choose which products to stock. The short answer is, "the ones I'd buy for my own workshop"; but in practice it's a bit more complex.

As a general rule, price and quality tend to correlate, but it's not a perfect relationship. Many times the second or third most expensive option is actually a better product, or is of comparable quality for a much lower price. In other cases the most expensive one is just flat out the best available anywhere, so the price is justified.

Sourcing products intelligently so that we can offer our customers optimum value for money, provide friendly knowledgeable advice, and a no-nonsense lifetime warranty may explain our strong year-on-year growth and unusually high customer return rate.