laburnum wood blanks

Laburnum wood, (Laburnum anagyroides), is a durable timber species that is native to Europe. The heartwood is initially bright yellow with a greenish tint when freshly cut, but it darkens over time to golden-brown and eventually deep brown upon exposure to air.

Historically, it has been utilised for cabinetmaking and inlay work and was also a popular choice for Great Highland Bagpipes before the shift in preferences towards imported dense tropical hardwoods.

The versatility and durability of Laburnum make it suitable for a range of woodworking projects. It has been used in making furniture, fence posts, archery bows, small specialty wood items, and carving projects.

Overall, while Laburnum wood can be a beautiful and versatile timber, it's important to note that Laburnum wood contains a toxin called cytisine. While severe reactions are uncommon, it's still advisable to handle the wood with care and take appropriate safety precautions.

NOTE: We would not recommend using Laburnum with consumable items such as spoons and food bowls.

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