The craft of woodturning dates back to the bow driven lathes of the ancient Egyptians, arguably the world's first machines; it was improved by the Romans with the introduction of the pole lathe and took another leap forward in the renaissance with the invention of the treadle lathe. The principle of spinning the workpiece in a sturdy frame and using its own energy to remove material by holding a turning tool in its way remains magically satisfying to this day.

The hobby of woodturning has been popular since Georgian times and with the advent of the internet, interest in the craft has skyrocketed. Modern woodturners enjoy the advantages and benefits of motorised lathes, high speed steel (HSS) woodturning tools, cryogenic heat treatment, dust extraction, online forums, clubs and videos, and access to a wealth of beautiful pre-prepared woodturning blanks from around the globe. You've never had it so good!