Saw Sharpening

Saw sharpening files are vital tools in woodworking, used to maintain the sharpness and efficiency of hand saws and other cutting tools. These files feature small, parallel rows of sharp teeth along their surfaces, designed to remove material and reshape the saw teeth. To use a saw sharpening file, first secure the saw blade in a vise to hold it steady, then select the appropriate file size, ensuring it matches the saw's tooth pitch. Chalking your files and using them with no downward pressure will help them to slide effortlessly, producing a smooth surface and the sharpest possible edge. Pressing downwards will make a mess of the teeth and probably damage the file. Proper saw sharpening extends the life of the saw, enhances its cutting performance, and reduces the effort required during use.

Selecting the correct saw file for the job is the first step, so all of ours are listed below with the range of pitches (number of teeth per inch) that they are appropriate for. If your saw falls within the tpi range two saw files, you can use either one.

for saws with tpi saw file type Bahco Product No. length in length mm SKU
4-6 tpi  slim 4-186-08-2-0 8 200 323119
5-7 tpi  slim 4-186-07-2-0 7 175 323107
6-8 tpi  x slim 4-187-07-2-0 7 175 323110
8-9 tpi  x slim 4-187-06-2-0 6 150 323109
10-11 tpi  xx slim 4-188-06-2-0 6 150 323111
11-12 tpi  x slim 4-187-05-2-0 5 125 323108
12-15 tpi  xx slim 4-188-05-2-0 5 125 323112
15+ tpi  needle file 2-302-18-2-0 7 175 323113