Jeweller & Coping Saws

The main difference between a fretsaw and a jewellers saw is the depth of the frame. Fretsaws give you the greatest reach and are used with a board, while jewellers saws give better blade tension and are more manoeuvrable.

Both fretsaws and jewellers saws take standard 5 inch plain ended scroll saw blades, which are available in a diverse range of types and pitches for different materials and thicknesses.

Aside from their intended function for cutting pierced decoration on jewellery, a jewellers saw is the perfect tool for trimming the waste out of through dovetails - and a lot quicker than changing a bandsaw blade if you just need to make a few quick curved cuts.

Coping saws differ from jewellers saws and fretsaws in that the blade is held in place by a pin attached either to the blade or the saw frame itself. They are generally more robust tools, typically used for cutting thicker material.