Liogier Rasps

The Liogier family have been making beautiful hand stitched rasps in the Auvergne region of France for four generations.

/div> Liogier brand French hand stitched rasps are trusted and treasured by manufacturing firms, companies of artisans and individual craftspeople worldwide. Widely used in woodcarving, sculpture, patternmaking, cabinet making, and luthierie, Noel Liogier also makes rasps for surgeons who value their remarkably smooth and effortless cutting action.

The traditional craft of hand stitching individual teeth, one by one, into a polished carbon steel blank is only part of a 30 step process. Liogier carry out all of the steps in-house, including open die forging, hand grinding and polishing, hand stitching and of course the vitally important art of heat treatment.

The full Liogier range of 810 tools is mind boggling, so we asked Noel for his personal recommendations of the most popular profiles, lengths and grains of rasps for woodworkers.

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