Japanese Handmade Scissors

A really good pair of handmade scissors are a wonderful investment, beautifully balanced, properly sharpened and set, they will cut with effortless consistency and precision.

The scissors featured here are all made in Japan, price is a good indicator of the amount of time and experience that has gone into their production. If you are looking for a good pair of scissors for general workshop or household use, the carbon steel scissors from Misuzugawa are outstanding value.

Tailors, dressmakers and upholsterers, for whom scissors are a primary tool of their trade, will benefit from stretching a little further. Fully handmade laminated white paper steel scissors from Tajika Haruo Scissor Works are the absolute zenith and worth every last penny. If you can't quite stretch that far, Yoshinosuke scissors offer much higher quality than their low price would suggest, they are by far the best value laminated Japanese scissors on the market.