Hand Forged Brace Augers

Hand forged augers or auger bits have been made in Sheffield and the Black Country for over 150 years. The closure of Clico's drill division in 2014 marked the end of domestic manufacture of these wonderful tools and as good ones are beginning to get thin on the ground, now is the perfect time to invest in a set.

Modern battery drills have now become so ubiquitous that people tend not to even consider the hand brace as an option, but for those adventurous souls that do, the peaceful enjoyment of almost limitless torque and the beautifully clean holes that result can be a refreshingly pleasant experience.

This type of auger is made by forging out a bar into a long flat tongue, much the same as making a chisel. The hot forging is then twisted on a lathe and repeatedly camped between a set of dies to even out the twist. The tip is drop forged to rough shape and tip finished by hand. They are then heat treated and straightened before going off to have the flutes hand ground and polished.

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