Installing good quality thicker replacement plane irons can significantly improve the performance of a hand plane on your woodworking projects, both in terms of edge quality and reducing undesirable 'flutter'.

In about 85% of cases a thicker plane iron can be installed without any other modification, just re-set the mouth opening by adjusting the frog position and you're done. If there is less than 4mm of Y-lever tab visible above the frog it may also be necessary to change the Y-lever by drifting out the tapered retaining pin and swapping them over.

We carry a wide variety of replacement plane irons for all sorts of block planes, shoulder planes, spokeshaves and bench planes, including toothed irons, cap irons, lever caps, Y-levers etc. If you are lucky enough to have a very early Stanley or Record plane with a very thin iron and would prefer not to modify it, we also stock thin replacement plane irons that will fit.

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