Clifton Plane Irons & Accessories

Clifton plane irons have undergone some controversial changes since the company changed hands in 2014. The traditional hand forged irons with a struck mark have been replaced with new roll forged and cryogenically hardened ones.

The steel itself is exactly the same, Sheffield O1 carbon steel, and roll forging achieves much the same grain structure as hammer forging. O1 responds extremely well to sub-zero heat treatment, leading to a crisp very fine edge and retaining wonderful stone feel. Having used both, I can attest that the new ones are equal or better in terms of edge taking and retention, and are much quicker and easier to prepare since the bevel side can now be selected after hardening.

Another recent addition is the Clifton one piece cap iron, a very clever bit of grinding that achieves pressure and support in the right places without exerting any bending forces on the cutting iron.