Pax Saws

Made in Sheffield, Pax saws are Thomas Flinn's flagship range. The 2017 tenon saws and dovetail saws have handmade walnut handles finished with Danish Oil, the teeth are sharpened by hand and a test cut is performed with each saw.

In the predominantly London based saw trade of the late 18th century, the terms dovetail, carcase and sash referred to saws under 12”, under 14” and under 16” respectively; anything longer than 16” was a tenon saw. Over time the centre of British sawmaking moved to Sheffield, and “Tenon saw” came to be used as a general term for all backsaws over 12” long. We have reintroduced the older terminology here as it makes it easier to understand which saw is for what.

All Thomas Flinn Pax saws have polished folded brass backs that provide the perfect degree of tension in the blade. Unlike a slotted and glued saw back, folded brass back saws allow the blade to be re-seated by gently tapping the back to correct minor distortions in the saw plate.