Kinex Flanged Set-up Square Set

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Set contains:

4020 100 x 63 mm, (17mm x 4mm section)
4021 160 x 100 mm, (26mm x 5mm section)
4022 250 x 160 mm, (26mm x 5mm section)

A practical set of hardened steel squares used for setting up machines, inspecting components and striking lines perpendicular to an edge. Both the top and bottom of the foot are measuring surfaces, so the tools are accurate whether they are stood up on a surface or hooked over a face edge.

Hardened steel with blanchard ground faces and precision ground measuring surfaces, so you can see at a glance which is which.

Accuracy for squares according to PN 25 5124 - Length [mm] Max deviation of right angle according to accuracy classes [mm]

  • 100mm: 0.058mm
  • 150mm: 0.070mm
  • 250mm: 0.088mm

Kinex rebrands to K-MET - read our blog here for details