Simon James SJJR Holdfasts for 19mm (3/4") holes (Pair)

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These wonderful holdfasts are made by engineer turned cabinetmaker and author Simon James, they have been very cleverly designed with careful attention paid to finding the optimal combination of angles, arm length and temper to work in any solid benchtop, apron or leg from 1" to 3½" thick.

They function superbly, and can almost be set with hand pressure alone, so with a bosh from a mallet they grip incredibly tightly.

To release the holdfasts just bash them on the back and they will pop free.

Simon checks and tests each holdfast, then marries them up in individually matched pairs, so you get very consistent clamping pressures from both.

  • To fit 19mm (¾") bench dog holes
  • Overall length: 13½"
  • Clearance required below the top surface of the bench: 10½"
  • Capacity: 6-7 inches
  • Hand engineered in the UK.

19mm Auger bit sold separately