Albizzia (Indian) 1½" x 1½" x 19"

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Albizzia (Indian)
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Albizia is an ideal starting point if you are unused to working with exotic timbers.

It has a beautiful streaky gold, brown and red figure and the challenge of mildly interlocked grain, but is almost as soft and easy to work as English walnut.

Albizzia turns sweetly with a pleasant woody aroma and has a much lower oil content than rosewood or teak so it is comparatively easy to glue and finish. Popular as a furniture wood it planes to a lustrous finish.

As with all timbers, exposure to dust is best avoided and a dust mask should be worn especially when sawing, sanding or using power tools. Reactions to Albizzia dust are rare, but if you do experience any giddiness or nausea - stop immediately.

If you are just starting out with exotics it's a great time to review your dust management and personal protection equipment and see if there are any areas that could be improved.