Ashley Iles Butt Chisels Set of 6

£177.50 - £184.50
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The set of 6 includes:

  • 3mm (⅛") 
  • 6mm (¼")
  • 9mm (⅜")
  • 13mm (½")
  • 19mm (¾")
  • 25mm (1")
  • £197.50 if purchased individually

These beautifully hand ground English chisels are perfectly designed for very accurate chopping work.

With the heel of your hand resting on the bench and the neck of the chisel gripped lightly between thumb and forefinger, you can place a cutting edge of the chisel with absolute precision and tap it to the required depth with a small mallet.

The compact size is perfect for chopping because you can keep both the cutting edge and the end of the handle in your field of vision at the same time. It also makes them very handy for reaching into spaces that other chisels can't reach.

Forged from O1 high carbon tool steel, the blades are accurately heat treated to RC60-61 right through to the shoulder to ensure a long working life.

The backs of the blades are intentionally lapped a couple of thou hollow in the length so that the underside of the cutting edge can be polished in isolation. The degree of concavity is small enough not to affect the accuracy of the tool and should be maintained throughout its life.

The handles are turned from Hardwood in two sizes with most of the mass at the top, this makes them top heavy and therefore more sensitive when feeling for plumb (a similar principle applies with traditional English mortice chisels).

Like all Ashley Iles tools, the Mk2 butt chisels (also known as American pattern bevel edge chisels) are unconditionally guaranteed for the duration of the purchaser's life.

Approximate Measurements.

Size  Overall Length Handle Length Useable Blade Length 
3mm (⅛")  185mm (7½")  86mm (3⅜") 70mm (2¾")
6mm (¼") 185mm (7½")  86mm (3⅜") 72mm (2⅞")
9mm (⅜") 185mm (7½")  86mm (3⅜") 65mm (2½")
13mm (½") 185mm (7½")  89mm (3½") 65mm (2½")
19mm (¾") 185mm (7½")  89mm (3½") 65mm (2½")
25mm (1") 185mm (7½")  89mm (3½") 65mm (2½")