How to prepare a Japanese Chisel and sharpen it

How to prepare a Japanese Chisel and sharpen it

Posted by Admin on 4th Sep 2018

Japanese Chisel Sharpening

There is a lot of information on the internet, some very good, some not so good. In order to help you stay on the right track and save a lot of 'filtering' we have selected what we consider to be the best information and techniques available on a given subject. The channels we select and recommend videos from tend to be rich in high quality content, so if you find the information useful please subscribe to them.

This video, by Suikoushya covers the process of setting the hoops on Japanese chisels...

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There are many ways to sharpen, it is best to learn about and understand as many as you can, and then select from a broad base of knowledge and find what works best for you. There are some techniques demonstrated here that I wouldn't necessarily recommend for western chisels, but also some interesting methods that I hadn't seen or heard of before

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