Royal Recognition for Ernest Wright Scissors

Royal Recognition for Ernest Wright Scissors

Posted by Admin on 20th Oct 2020

Our hearty congratulations to Paul and his team of scissor makers at Ernest Wright in Sheffield for winning the inaugural Heritage Crafts Association Presidents Award for Endangered Crafts, instigated by HRH the Prince of Wales.

Ernest Wright and the Heritage Crafts Awards

2020 has not been an easy year for a business that relies on young and old working side by side to pass on the hand skills and techniques required to produce perfect handmade scissors.

The apprentices have had to step up to the plate and put their new skills to work like never before, gradually easing up the pace and the concentration levels with weekly inspections on Saturday from the masters to ensure that their high quality standards are being maintained. The restriction of contact between master and apprentice has sharply outlined for both how incalculably precious their interactions are.

Grinding scissors at Ernest Wright

Polished scissors at Ernest Wright

The continuing exponential surge in demand for Ernest Wright scissors from the public is the ultimate confirmation that they are on the right track, but Royal recognition and a bursary from Heritage Crafts Association President HRH The Prince of Wales is a great honour and very welcome support and encouragement.

Scissors at Ernest Wright

I understand from Ernest Wright's MD Paul Jacobs that the putters have been hard at work on a left handed version of the bestselling Turton kitchen scissors.

"you know all those subtle hand movements you just spent 12 months mastering, now try doing 'em backwards with your other hand!'

The reward will be being able to share, for the first time ever, the pleasure of using a pair of Turtons with left handed customers, friends and family.

The Turton from Ernest Wright