Dorchester Rip Saw 26" 4.5tpi


Made in Sheffield, the Dorchester 26" rip saw makes short work of ripping down boards or resawing dimensioned material. The hardened and tempered sawplate is taper ground to minimise friction without reducing tension and the toothline is breasted to ensure maximum contact as your shoulder swings through the stroke.

Used on low trestles or a sawyers bench with one knee clamping the work down, the saw is lifted and allowed to almost fall through the work under its own weight. For very thin boards a shallower angle of insidence will bring more teeth into contact giving a smoother cut, for thicker stuff keep the saw more perpendicular.

  • Beautifully shaped Walnut Handle
  • Traditional Solid Brass Screws and medallion
  • Taper Ground Blade
  • Hand Sharpened
  • Laser etched with Dorchester Logo
  • Can be re-sharpened