Iwasaki Carving File - Half Round

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Toothed on the external (convex) face, smooth on the inside and with safe edges, Iwasaki half round files are lovely precise tools for shaping internal curves. They can perform like a float when fine-tuning mortise and tenon joints and are ideal for flattening the body of a wooden plane.

The teeth of these files are chemically etched (denoted by CP in the product number) to produce accurate, consistent sharpness and even height. Designed specifically for wood, they cut fast with almost no pressure, don't clog, and leave an exceptionally fine surface.

Japanese carving files are designed to work with the grain. The tool will work efficiently under its own weight, reducing the pressure as you approach the finished shape will help to yield the smoothest possible surface.

Iwasaki No. File length mm Coarseness Cutting length mm Width mm Cuts on stroke Holtzapffel handle SKU
IW-8CPHREF 100 extra fine 100 10 push no 323238
IW-150CPHREF 150 extra fine 130 15 push yes 323236
IW-150CPHR 150 fine 130 15 push yes 323217
IW-200CPHREF 200 extra fine 180 20 push yes 323233
IW-200CPHR 200 fine 180 20 push yes 323232
IW-200HRM 200 medium 180 20 push yes 323207
IW-250HRB 250 bastard 230 25 push yes 323201