Iwasaki Carving Files Round 200mm Set of 8 IW-8RD

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An intelligently chosen selection of round carving files with toothing and radii to suit a wide variety of shapes. Used as an alternative to gouges, round files give a wonderful degree of control when working into tight spaces, through holes and acute internal angles. Lovely for sculpting natural shapes and compound curves, particularly good on surfaces with an endgrain element.

The larger 8mm files are supplied in three cuts (2nd, fine and extra fine) giving a progression that speeds progress when removing more material.

6mm and 5mm in fine and extra fine for shaping and finishing.

3mm in extra fine only - by the time the work is this small, all the focus is on stopping in the right place rather than going quickly.

  • Overall length 20cm
  • Cutting length 10cm
  • Supplied in a wallet with neoprene handles

Set contains:

  • 8mm 2nd Cut
  • 8mm Fine
  • 8mm Extra Fine
  • 6mm Fine
  • 6mm Extra Fine
  • 5mm Fine
  • 5mm Extra Fine
  • 3mm Extra Fine