Liogier Straight Float Push Version


Woodworking floats are fitting and finishing tools for endgrain, they are most commonly associated with the crafts of the of the stocker and the plane maker, although anyone who finely adjusts end grain surfaces for a precision fit is likely to find them indispensable.

Like their relatives the scraper and the rip saw, floats work best on long grain or end grain; for similarly controlled cuts across the grain, paring chisels are usually the tool of choice.

Floats can be designed to cut on either the push or the pull stroke, push stroke is more common and easier to use, but if you need to work inside a blind pocket where access is limited, the value of a pull float becomes self-evident.

Each handmade Liogier woodworking float comes pre-sharpened ready for use, they can be re-sharpened using a fine saw file. The 4mm thick floats allow a tiny amount of flex, the 6mm thick variants are rigid.

180mm long x 25mm wide x 4mm thick

Push version