Narex 8105 Bevel Edged Chisels

The 8105 range of Narex chisels, made in the Czech Republic, are accurately CNC machined on new, well maintained equipment and have the light pointable feel of a proper bevel edged chisel. The chisel sides are still a fraction thick for fine dovetailing but, as general purpose tools, Narex chisels stand head and shoulders above everything else in their price range and will give much dearer ones a very good run for their money.

The blades are forged from chrome manganese spring steel which is vastly superior to chrome vanadium, they are isothermally hardened giving an even RC59 through 75% of the blade and the backs are fractionally hollow so they are quick and easy to prepare.

The handles are stained beech, with chrome plated steel ferrules and hoops.

"The quality of these chisels is not affected by the astonishingly low cost. Compared with other chisels in their price bracket, these represent incredible value for money." Marc Fish

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