Narex 8116 Cabinetmakers Chisels Natural

The Narex chisels in the 8116 range are the best value chisels we have found for accurate work. That doesn't mean that Narex chisels are cheap, it means you get a lot more chisel for your money.

The sides of the chisel are around 1mm with negligible lengthwise taper, giving excellent sightlines and good clearance for dovetailing throughout the life of the blade. The handles were developed from a shape that Narex last used on a range of chisels that they made in the 1930's. They are turned from dense European hornbeam and fitted with a solid brass ferrule.

Workshop Heaven have had slightly smaller handles made for the 26mm and narrower chisels to refine their balance and feel - it is a subtle difference, but it's enough to make them feel 'right' in the hand.

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