Narex 8112 Mortice Chisels Metric

Narex mortice chisels are Czechia-made, accurate, hard and immensely tough. Thanks to their efficient production process, Narex produce mortice chisels that are correctly profiled with a very slight taper from edge to neck so they can cut deep mortices without getting stuck. Like all Narex tools they are seriously good value for money.

If you are only making a few mortices, cutting them with a mortice chisel is often quicker, easier and less faff than setting up a machine.

With a bit of practice you should be able to chop a neat pair of interlocking mortices in a table leg in a couple of minutes. Narex mortice chisels are also a good deal less expensive than morticing machines, so for people making individual pieces of furniture they throw a nice chunk of money back into your budget.

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