Shinwa Cutting Rule Aluminium with Stainless Steel Edge 600mm

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An aluminium rule is a lovely measuring tool because of the weight to size ratio, but can usually only be used with a pencil for fear of cutting into the aluminium with a marking knife or blade..

This handsome 600mm rule from Shinwa has their trademark bold, easy-to-read graduations, and as it is made for the Japanese market, has a Shaku scale ( 303mm or 10/33m) on the cutting edge in addition to the metric scale on the bevelled edge.

What sets this apart from standard aluminium rules is that it has a stainless steel cutting edge set into the body to prevent damage from a cutting blade. It also comes complete with neat rubber pads on the back to position the rule better and avoid slippage in use.

The central recess dip helps keep fingers out of the way when using a knife, without the need for a bulky handle.

Regardless of the fact that most will not find use in the Shaku graduations, it is a wonderfully light, durable, rust-resistant cutting edge at a great price.

60mm wide, with hole in one end for hanging.

Product Dimensions: 625 x 60 x 9mm.