Shinwa Marking Pencil Pro - Red - Hard (3pc-pack)

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We all use pencils, whether you're a behind the ear type, a top pocket person or a mug on the bench guy, they are one of those simple, essential tools that is never far from reach. I like to sharpen mine with a block plane to a slightly longer point than you would get with a pencil sharpener for a finer line and a longer lasting point.

It's hard to explain why these professional quality Japanese pencils are so nice but they just are. I'm sure it's possible to break the lead if you drop it often enough, but it hasn't happened to me with one of these yet. The graphite core seems smoother textured and more cohesive than most modern pencils I've used, it also seems to write for quite a long time without the line getting much thicker. The cedar used to make them is naturally soft, but it's good cedar with a smooth and buttery quality (possibly air dried?) and a twinkly chatoyance when cut with a sharp blade.

It seems like the most ridiculously everyday object to be this obsessive about, but when you're deep in concentration designing, marking out, or making a quick calculation on the back of an envelope, the last thing you need is to be distracted by is the pencil you are using.

Supplied in packs of three - so you don't have to waste any time looking for the one behind your ear.