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Accuracy     :     +/-0.0001 in, +/-0.003 mm
Anvil Type     :     Flat
Dimensions     :     6-63/64 in L x 2-29/64 in W
Power Source     :     3 VDC Battery
Resolution     :     0.00005 in
Series     :     3732 Global Series®
Spindle Diameter     :     1/4 in
Spindle Type     :     Flat
Thimble Type     :     Friction
Type     :     Electronic
Measuring Range     :     0.984 to 1.968 in
Display Type     :     LCD
Material     :     Carbide Tip
Finish     :     Satin Chrome
  • Balanced frame design for comfortable and accurate measuring
  • Large, easy-to-read, high contrast LCD digital readout
  • Starrett® no-glare satin chrome finish on thimble and sleeve minimizes annoying surface glare under bright lights
  • No-glare black wrinkle finish on frame
  • Hard and stable one-piece friction thimble permits one-hand operation of micrometer and uniform contact pressure
  • Ability to zero tool at any position as well as retain and return to the true zero reading of the micrometer
  • Ring-type knurled lock nut for quick and sure locking
  • Micro-lapped carbide measuring faces
  • One 3 V battery included for extended usage
  • Automatic off
  • Measurement hold button
  • In/metric conversion provides simple, universal, standardized unit of measurement at any position
  • Preset button to install any reading at any position
  • Metric/English (ME) models include in and millimeter graduations on shell and thimble
  • No SPC output
  • Ring type knurled lock nut