Workshop Heaven Hand Stitched Round Rasp 150mm No9 (90tcm)

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The superfine 150 round or 'rat tail' No.9 is a lovely tool for working into small tight spaces, the insides of open scroll ends for example. By definition these areas are often tricky to get at for sanding, so a really fine toothed rasp and a light touch keeps subsequent work to an absolute minimum. For best results round rasps are rolled as they are advanced across the work, bringing the maximum number of teeth into contact with the workpiece.

Each Workshop Heaven hand stitched rasp begins life as a forged and annealed blank of high carbon tool steel is carefully ground and 'fined' to a smooth surface before being strapped to a soft anvil to have their teeth individually raised or 'stitched' one by one with a special punch and a curved file makers hammer.

The handles are turned from English walnut with brass ferrules to a 200 year old Holtzapffel pattern, individually fitted and set by hand for a comfortable, elegant and secure grip.

  • Shoulder to tip: 150mm
  • Overall length: 290mm approx
  • Diameter: 5.5mm tapering to 2mm at the tip
  • Coarseness: 90 teeth per square cm (very fine)

Rasp Care
In order to keep your rasps clean and free from corrosion we recommend removing any clogging from the surface with a stiff bristled brush and applying a few drops of metalguard ultra liquid corrosion inhibitor after each use. Store your rasps in such a way that they cannot touch or rub against each other.