3M™ Silicon Carbide Micro Finishing Film

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3M™ PSA adhesive backed Microfinishing Film is essentially a heavier duty version of imperial lapping film with a slightly thicker film backing and a harder compound of bonding resin.

Silicon carbide particles are longer, thinner, harder and more brittle than aluminium oxide, so they remove material very rapidly at first and then the finish becomes slightly finer as the abrasive 'beds in'.

A high-strength polyester film backing is coated with premium, micron-graded mineral particles that are electrostatically oriented for greater cutting efficiency. The particles are bonded into a layer of resin that wears away slowly for increased durability. PSA is the acronym for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive and is a heavy duty version of the adhesive on the back of a Post-It note.

To use, cut each sheet into the desired width, peel the backing and fix a strip of each grade next to each other on a piece of float glass or other perfectly flat substrate applying firm pressure for an even secure bond.

Sheet size: 8½" x 11" (216mm x 279mm)

Mineral: Silicon Carbide