Ashley Iles Mk.2 Bevel Edged Cabinetmakers Chisels

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The Mk2 bevel edged chisels from Ashley Iles have all of the qualities that define good English cabinetmakers chisels. Ashley Iles chisels are now the only ones made in the British Isles that are individually hand ground, so they are not subject to the constraints of mechanised chisel manufacture.

The blades are light, thin, and taper to almost nothing on the sides, but because they are forged they are still plenty strong enough for gentle tapping with a mallet. The chisels are supplied with a low primary bevel angle of around 22-23 degrees, for general use we recommend honing a secondary bevel at 30 - 35 degrees.

The backs are ground a few thou concave, so although they are well within the flatness tolerances required for fine joinery chisels, they are very easy to prepare and maintain.

"This is one of the best thought-out series of chisels I have come across. Consideration has been given to all the fundamental points from sharpening and edge retention, to use, gripping and balance. It therefore follows that these are the chisels I am recommending to all enquirers!"
Michael Huntley, Editor, Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine, Issue 147 page 85

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