Ashley Iles HSS Bowl Gouge

£63.10 - £68.70
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The Ashley Iles ⅜" bowl gouge is ideal for cups, dishes and smaller bowls, if you want to make larger salad bowls and the like then the ½" version would be more suitable.

Bowl gouges are formed from round bar with a deep narrow flute and high swept back wings to quickly and efficiently peel away the material. While it is perfectly possible to form a complete bowl with just this one tool, most bowl turners prefer to use a scraper for the finishing cuts in order to minimise the amount of sanding required.

All Ashley Iles bowl gouges are supplied ground with a classic fingernail grind. As well as being a very good general purpose grind, and the one that everything else tends to be compared to, it is also the easiest starting point for tweaks and modifications like sweeping the wings back into an Irish grind or taking a little off the heel for a reduced bevel.

Ashley Iles woodturning tools are individually handmade in England, they are ground by hand to a beautiful finish with all edges eased so that they feel wonderful in the hand and are supplied fitted with traditional pattern beech handle made in Sheffield.