Ashley Iles Pole Lathe Deep Roughing Gouge 1-1/4"


The main job of the roughing gouge is to bring the workpiece down to a cylinder. However, with pole lathe roughing gouges there is quite a bit more to them than that.

The tool can be angled to produce tapers and establish gentle curves, the corners can be used on edge like a skew to produce a cleanly worked surface or knife in layout lines for later stages of the turning. Freshly honed and held diagonally across the rest it can also help to feather in the tricky bit at the bottom of a concavity.

A fun tool to work with and explore its potential.

  • Overall length: 425mm (16.73" approx)
  • Blade length: 170mm (6.69" approx)
  • Blade width: 33mm (1.29" approx)
  • Handle length: 225mm (8.85" approx)
  • Thickness: 5.30mm (0.20" approx)
  • Beech handle