Atoma Diamond Hollowing Strip #140

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The golden rule for making a flat surface is to start with a concave one, produced by lapping the surface on a smaller abrasive surface.

This narrow self adhesive strip of diamond encrusted steel from Japanese diamond abrasive specialists Atoma is ideal for the initial stage of preparing, restoring and maintaining the desirable slight concavity in the underside of chisel blades.

Inexpensive, aggressive, durable and controllable, this narrow 10mm x 100mm can be fixed close to the edge of any flat surface.

Because the strip is narrower than the surface being abraded it works within it and can be used to work on bumps in isolation or hollow the surface by a couple of thou (the two things you can't do on a surface larger than the tool). With the blade prepared, you can then go back to using larger surfaces as normal and everything will work beautifully.

Flexible and self-adhesive

0.5mm x 10mm x 100mm