Auger Gimlets: set of 7

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Auger gimlets are a classic tool commonly found in hand tool woodworkers toolchests. They are used for drilling small holes, typically for pre-drilling screw holes to prevent the wood from splitting when the screw is driven, but they can be used anywhere a small neat hole is required.

At the tip of each gimlet is a fine screw thread that bites into the wood and draws itself into the timber. Once the worm bites, no further pressure is required, you can just twist the gimlet in to the required depth.

The shank of the gimlet has a conical spiral flute that reams the hole to size with a gentle slicing action that clears the waste as it goes.

The result is a superbly clean conical hole the perfect size and shape to accept standard screws from No.2 to No.9.

Gimlets are great fun to use, ideal for kids and are a useful lightweight drill for bushcraft and green woodworking.

Sizes included in the set: 2mm 2.5mm 3mm 3.5mm 4mm 4.5mm and 5mm

Made in France