Jon Mac Bushcraft Auger Set

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Developed in collaboration with carving instructor Jon Mac, this kit was designed as a backpackable lightweight drill set for drilling a sensible range of hole sizes in wood when you are off grid.

The ability to drill holes in a bushcraft situation can be quite liberating, you can make holes for lanyards and lashings, tap trees for sap, use mortice and tenon joinery for shelters, stools, cooking stands… In fact, it's probably worth having with you purely for the ability to extract dry fluffy wood shavings from within a dead log when you're trying to light a fire in the rain.

The set comprises four superb Japanese made auger bits in 6mm, 13mm, 19mm and 25mm and a reversible ratchet mechanism, all supplied in a durable canvas tool roll. The separate T handle lets you move it from side to side, is long enough to get the very best grip /leverage possible and slots easily in the tool roll or your pocket. Suitable for right and left handed use and can be locked for non-ratcheting use.

The components of the ratchet are all chromed or blued to resist corrosion, but ideally it's best to avoid storing it wet for any period of time. If necessary the ratchet mechanism can be field stripped using a spring loaded takedown pin at the top (the only thing liable to ping out is the takedown pin itself). When kept clean and lightly oiled, your drill set will give many years of reliable service.

The whole package weighs just 730g and rolls up into about the same space as a can of soup.

  • Body: 110mm x 25mm
  • Bar: 120mm x 8mm
  • 25mm Bit:130mm long 6.35mm shaft
  • 19mm Bit: 120mm long 6.35mm shaft
  • 13mm Bit: 120mm long 6.35mm shaft
  • 6mm Bit: 90mm long 6.35mm shaft
  • 6 flat pocket canvas tool roll - black ( style may differ from image )