Clico/Morrison Machine Auger Bit

£28.00 - £40.00
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Clico/Morrison Machine Auger Bits available in the following sizes: ⅝" 11⁄16" ¾" 13⁄16" ⅞" 15⁄16"

  • 8" Flute
  • 12" total length
  • 13mm plain round shank (dimensions are approximate).

Rescued from a factory warehouse in Sheffield, England, this item is an unused old stock auger bit from the Scotch Nose 341 series. A number of individual bits are available, some have brands such as Clico stamped on the shank, but others did not get to that stage of the manufacturing process, so may not have a marking. Some also will exhibit superficial blemishes from the years in storage, so there may be surface rust and other minor blemishes.

As these are no longer produced, this is a limited supply and only the remaining sizes will be made available.

Scotch nose augers are primarily for boring hardwood. Do not drill past length of flute as this will result in breakage.

Price is for one piece.