BSI Insta-Cure+™ (1oz)

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Insta-Cure+™ is a higher viscosity contact adhesive designed for loose fitting joints in which the adhesive must bridge gaps.

Works best on softwood & balsa but also works well on a wide range of materials such as hard wood, glass, metal, ceramics, hard plastics, rubber etc.


Unscrew top from nozzle, using the extender tip for finer applications. Apply Insta-Cure+™ to one side of the parts being joined, then hold them tightly together for 5-15 seconds. For larger bonding areas, apply serpentine beads on one surface with enough spacing (about 1") to allow for the spreading of the adhesive once the parts are assembled and pressure is applied. To prevent premature curing, don't spread the glue into a thin film. Take care to wipe the nozzle clean before replacing screw-on top.

  • Refrigerate to extend shelf life
  • Cured adhesive is stable from -40 to 104°C
  • Full strength is reached in three hours
  • Soak extender tip in acetone for cleaning if necessary