BSI Slow-Cure™ 30 Min Epoxy

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Slow curing epoxy with a bond strength in excess of 2 tons per square inch, waterproof, and with a higher heat resistance than any other epoxy in the BSI range.

With a luxurious 30 minute open time to get everything 'just right', BSI Slow-Cure™ 30 Min Epoxy is surely the perfect epoxy resin for workshop applications where you're happy to wait for a really strong result. Bonds metal, glass, wood, foam, fibreglass, plastic in any combination. As always, careful surface preparation, warm ambient temperature and light clamping pressure are critical to achieving the full potential of the adhesive.

BSI epoxies are just fantastic, here are three reasons why we love them:

  1. They smell significantly better than any other brand of epoxy we have tried; a small point, but an important one for the person working with it.
  2. The two components, resin and hardener, come in proper separate bottles rather than self mixing syringes, so you can use as much as you like, whenever you like, and store the rest without it catalysing and going hard.
  3. In like-for-like comparisons, the technical performance of BSI epoxy resin adhesive equalled or bettered any other brand of hobby or industrial epoxies we tried, in most cases the price is better too, win-win.

Made in California USA.

  • Open time 30 mins
  • Handle in 8 hrs
  • Full cure 24 hrs