Shinwa Carpenter's Squares - Hard Chrome Finish - 8 Scales - 300mm

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Shinwa medium Japanese carpenters square with deeply etched metric full mm graduations inside and outside on both faces.

Made using hard chrome plated stainless steel hardened to Hv320+ for the perfect balance of stability and springiness and no worries about rusty fingermarks.

Japanese carpenters squares are flat, they are used in the same way as a framing square, with one leg hung over an edge with its face acting as a stock.

Adding a 90/45 degree stopper improves on the versatility of Shinwa's Japanese carpenters square: you can use it for marking parallel to an edge or at 45 degrees, as a caliper, or turn the stopper the other way around and use it as a height gauge.

  • Product Dimensions: Long Branch - 320 x 20 x 2.0mm, Short Branch - 160 x 20 x 2.0mm
  • Square to better than 0.1mm/100mm
  • Conforms to JIS B7534
  • Made in Japan.

Shinwa video which shows other ways to use a square.