Shinwa Profiled Carpenter's Framing Square - Hard Chrome Finish - 300mm

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The Shinwa 10647 carpenter's framing square is a light and versatile tool with clear full mm graduations inside and outside originating from the apex on both faces (8 scales in total).

Made from stainless steel with a hard anti glare chromium finish for durability and high corrosion resistance.

With a little bit of maths this deceptively simple tool can be used to accurately lay out surprisingly complex joinery.

The special shape of the profile allows flexing in one direction only, maintaining stiffness and squareness in the other. The edges are slightly elevated from the work so you can lay out in ink without smudging.

Product Dimensions: Long Branch - 320 x 15 x 1.4mm, Short Branch - 160 x 15 x 1.4mm