ARNO Carbon Steel Cabinet Scraper (Single)

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Made from finest French spring steel and hardened to RC55 for best edge taking and retention, ARNO cabinet scrapers are highly regarded by some of the best designer-makers in the business.

Gooseneck (0.6mm)

The classic spiral curve of the gooseneck incorporates a tight curve at one end, a medium curve at the other and a large radius on the outside edge, plus a slow transition and a fast one between the three curves. By skewing the scraper to the work, you can tighten any of these radii to match the required shape.

Rather than sharpening the whole thing, you normally just put a hook on the bit you need.

0.6mm x 130mm x 70mm (approx.)

Rectangular (0.25mm)

For very fine surface preparation and levelling applied finish products between coats this ultra flexible 0.25mm scraper excels.

Used with gentle caressing strokes it is an incredibly effective alternative to superfine sandpaper or wire wool and will not clog up or shed metallic dust all over your surface.

It can also be used with a significant bow for very precise spot work.

0.25mm x 150mm x 50mm (approx.)

Rectangular (0.6mm)

For preparing flat or convex surfaces to receive finishing products (180 to 400 grit sanding jobs) the flexible 0.6mm scraper will give a superior surface in considerably less time than going through all the grits.

0.6mm x 150mm x 50mm (approx.)

Rectangular (1mm)

The 1mm thick stiff scraper is perfect for removing old finishes, cleaning up marks left by machine tools, levelling across joints and heavy stock removal (80 grit sandpaper jobs).

1mm x 150mm x 60mm (approx.)