Chemico Grinding Paste 110g Tin

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Chemico Grinding Paste, is a high-quality non-drip abrasive, formulated from a Lithium grease base with silicon carbide ensuring optimal performance and durability.

It provides efficient and precise grinding, polishing, and lapping of metal surfaces, the paste remaining stable throughout the process providing corrosion protection with sealing properties.

With its superior abrasive properties, the Silicon Carbide hard abrasive sharp particles in Chemico Grinding Paste effortlessly remove surface imperfections, while breaking into smaller particles that are just as sharp and continue to work just as efficiently.

Chemico Grinding Paste is easy to apply from the convenient double ended tin with Coarse and Fine grades at either end.

  • Fine: 220 grit
  • Coarse: 80 Grit
  • 110g Tin
  • Made in England for over 100 years.