Pen Blanks Indian Satinwood - Pack of 8

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Satinwood (East Indian)
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East Indian Satinwood pen blanks, supplied sawn unfinished, and waxed at each end for protection. Pack of 8.

A pale golden, highly chatoyant timber with a faintly coconutty scent, East Indian satinwood is a precious and luxurious treat.

A super high density exotic wood with a smooth even texture, lustrous finish and an exceptional micro figure it is a wonderful timber to turn. The interwoven grain produces an effect similar to rippled satin when finished - hence the name. Used in exceptionally high grade furniture, inlaid work, turned items and small decorative pieces, satinwood is not easy stuff to work with hand tools, but the results are extraordinary.

As with many species, it is possible to become sensitized to satinwood, so please make sure you wear a mask if generating airborne dust. This timber is not widely available and we are very lucky to be able to get hold of it at all. Please don't work on the assumption that we will always be able to get more

  • Species: East Indian Satinwood Chloroxylon Swietenia
  • Origin: India
  • Dimensions: approx 19mm x 19mm x 150mm

Typical contents shown. Supplied in a vacuum packed packet.