Douk Douk pocket knife medium

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The legendary French pocket knife, made in Thiers by M C Cognet since 1929, the Douk Douk is a simple, affordable, utility pocket knife with a thin blade made from high carbon steel. The name 'Douk Douk' refers to Cognet's trade mark of a Melanesian shaman depicted on the side of the knife.

Both sizes of this slip joint folding knife have a fairly stiff backspring, the folded steel body is recessed so that the tapered blade can be pulled out between thumb and forefinger. Be sure to keep your fingers out of the way when closing the knife.

Douk Douks arrive well ground, but require an initial light honing to bring out the full potential of the blade.

The medium size has a 3⁵⁄₁₆" blade, so in the UK you do need a valid reason to be carrying it in a public place, it's a bit big for pocket use anyway but makes a great workshop knife.

The smaller version has a 2⅝" blade and can be carried as a general purpose pocket knife without a specific reason.

Approximate Measurements:

  • Overall Length: 200mm (7.87")
  • Blade length: 84mm (3.30")
  • Blade width: 18mm (0.70")
  • Blade Thickness: Tapers down from 2mm (0.07")